I had been suffering from dizzy spells and headaches for many years with no relief from medication. During a particularly bad spell, I visited Beth who found the route of the problem and now I feel totally transformed. I am not sure what my neck would do without her!


Your first visit

A full examination of your posture, spine and muscles will then be made, along with any necessary neurological or orthopaedic tests, that will help me understand your function. We will then discuss your condition and the approach to take to improve it. This will include treatment from me, advice on postural changes at work and at home and a stretching programme.

The prognosis and expected duration of treatment will also be discussed. Relief is often felt on the first treatment but we find that four to six treatments spread over roughly a three month period not only allows us to alleviate the pain but also to return you to good function so any chance of recurrence is reduced. Chronic conditions may need more treatment but we will fully discuss this on your first visit.

Please be aware that you may be asked to dress down to your underwear to allow for a full examination but bring a pair of shorts and a vest to your appointment if you would feel more comfortable with that.

Call:  07708 229292   Email:  beth@uckfieldosteopathy.co.uk